Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i almost have to forget my trip to Sarawak bcos of one doc. refused to write a released letter for me to go onboard. Luckily, i got a saviour. Another doc. who is kind enough giving me permission to get on the plane tomorrow since nothing wrong with me. Hey, only i'm pregnant and don't treat me like i'm a convict! Fad said if happens my baby is a boy, he wants the baby to be named with the doc's name. Hehehe, ok gak tuh! What is the doc's name? Secret!

I have yet to decide what to buy from Sarawak. Pottery? Sarawak's mat? salted fish? Kek lapis Sarawak? I don't know.

Oh, the contractor is installing our kitchen cabinet today. I just can't wait to see. We managed to get all the lamps and fans for the whole house and the contractor do their jobs quite fast! I hope everything will be ready by next week then!

Remember about the compensation that I ever mentioned b4 about our house? The developer has to compensate us for almost 7k. That's it. Fad went to the developer's office to settle about this matter and hope we'll get the paycheque real soon.

Inspired by DD's color creation, i thought of painting our house too! But i really don't have any idea what color it should be? Our sofa + dining table is made of wood with red fabrics. Curtains? AyoH! Eri recommended someone, and curtains will be the last item i'll consider.

Okies, need to do some house chores and packing. We'll leave the house as early as 4 am to catch the earliest flight tomorrow so i better be going!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My bz schedule!


Busy sangat-sangat!!!

And will be very busy this few weeks!!!

#1 : Kuching trip 4d 3n thurs-sun

#2 : Packing stuffs and all our belongings

#3 : Clean up new house and current house

#4 : Move in to new house next week

#5 : Unload and unpack stuffs and belongings

#6 : Pays all the things we ordered, fans/lights installation, etc!

#7 : Tihani new nursery (time to get a maid....)

Oh, peningnya! But happy sangat!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swing mode!




Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shopping and Beauty!

Actually that day, we went to Isetan two days in a row. Bukannya apa, dah lama duk menahan diri daripada bershopping. Lagipun, semenjak preggie nih, kaki aku asyiklah cepat je penat, kan! hari2 berdiri je. As far as i can remember, the Eclipse sandal was the last pair i bought minus the cheap selipar tuh tak kiralah. So, i need something comfy for my feet. Hehehe.... I was looking at a few brands eg. Snowfly, Hush Puppies, Guess, Camper etc without noticing some of them with pig lining skin. HaiyooH, Isetan nih. Boleh lak dia duk campur aduk kan kasut2 tuh semua. The notice is way too small for me to notice it! Mana la aku perasan duk sibuk2 try kasut. Fad siap suh aku gi samak lagi. Heehehe. And orang itu kan nak jugak beli kasut Timberland yang harganya approximately one quarter of my monthly salary. He said it's worth wearing it. Betul gak. His old Timber shoes sama usia kawin kitorang (kasut hantaran!) elok lagi cuma tapak dia je dah haus sikit. And the shoes comes with 60 % disc compared to our shoes 10% sajorkk.....

The shopping includes his jeans and Tihani's baju raya. Guess kids ada sale 60% tapi dah pokai so beli sepasang jeans and blouse for her aje. The reason being, aku dah tak larat nak meredah any malls bila nak masuk 8,9 bulan nanti because my EDD will be after raya. Beberapa pasang lagi nanti kirim je kat kak long bila dia gi Bandung nanti. Enough!

I have another problem. My face is getting worst. Tak tau lah sebab mengandung ke hapa. Tapi banyak betul naik jerawat, black heads, white heads, etc. I hate to see myself in the mirror. Do i have to do facial or change my skincare products?????

Saturday, July 5, 2008


We went to Isetan this evening and look what we bought!!!!!

For me!

For her!

For him!

Shoes! Only shoes!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Oh, sekarang cerita lawak tak perlu tunggu raja lawak, gitu-gitu apek, just for laughs, etc. Dalam berita perdana di waktu puncak pun ada banyak lawak. Ehehe.... it's a real jokes to see one (or two.... or three.....) struggling to deny and defense himself from all the accusation!

Read more here. Bak kata Nabil, Lu pikirlah sendiri!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Koya #1

I told Fad that i really wanna new phone. The one i owned now is not handsome anymore :) My criteria is simple. Any phone which is less than 1.5k. Fad told me that i can easily get N95. Hmmm..... but i want something else which is not NOKIA. I want this but i bet all these will cost me more.......




Am i too much????

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


DD, itu bukan peminat tapi spam :P!
We had mom and daughter session at Mc'D!

Who said a child is hard to please?

Give her what she likes most!
And she smiles all the way home.............

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One day MC!

What did i do yesterday??

Kami dua beranak pergi ke sparkle grey nak servis kereta. Ingat hari Isnin orang tak ramai tapi nan ado. Orang ramai macam biasa. Si kenit tuh buat tempat tuh macam umah sendiri. Kat tepi tv kat corner tuh ada machine buat air. ada nescafe, espresso, milo, coffee, etc. Hohoho.... bermaharajalela, minah kecit nih. Sekejap2 pi tekan butang nak refill air. Yang tak sodap/pahit suh ibunya minum. Yang sedap (read: milo) dia tibai. Sudahnya, asyik pi toilet je. grrrr!!!

It took 2 and a half hour to complete my car. Servicing, tukar minyak enjin, oil filter, catridge, tighten undercarriage (Aku dok komplen kete aku kuar bunyi2 yang tak sedap!). Best, ho! Depa2 semua mr. nice guy. Layan jer kerenah2 komplen bagai from customer. Dah lah tempat menunggu cozy ya amatsss! Kalo cam nih tunggu seharian pun tak de hal, kan! Ada one more place yang aku pegi utk servis laptop/printer which is very convenience. HP kat damansara heights. The waiting area is just like a cafe where free drinks and beverages are provided plus tonnes of mags/newspaper and free browsing of Internet. (Laptops are provided too!). Cool, eh!

Not only they did the servicing, mr nice guy also helped to rearrange all the stuff dalam boot kereta. Hahaha... silly me! dengan spare tyre yang not tighten, spanner/screwdriver everywhere, emergency light berterabur , emergency triangles out of place. Haru biru! Baguih! They alarmed me to change the disc brake plate later during next service.

That goes my one day of mc. Closing with cuci kereta tapau lunch and zzzzzzzzzzzz...................