Monday, May 31, 2010

I got my claims already!!!

Hah, after such a long wait and various of complaints, i finally got my claims. So happy to see my new balance added another 2.5k. At least, i can allocate a few hundred to service my car. Air cond sudah bunyi bunyi maaa...... And another k for my semester fees. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully, i tak rambang mata dengan segala mak neka offer yang sedang berlangsung sekarang. Ahaks!!!

A new baby!!!

A friend of mine just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in a CAR. It seems that her baby just can't wait to get out. With two push, the baby is already out. Amazing!!! Luckily, her husband being the midwife doesn't panicked at all. ( Kalau laki aku, entah pengsan agaknya!!!). The hubby then rushed her wife to the nearest clinic untuk potong tali pusat baby and kedua-dua mom and baby settled di Prince Court Hospital. To Kak Sue, seronok dapat baby girl after three boys.

At the same time, we are happy to welcome a new member of my hubby's family. My SIL's son, Wan Harith Daniel.

And the two cousins just can't get away from the new baby. Nampaknya, i have to be more careful when my new baby dah keluar nanti. Si Firdaus adalah sangat menyibuk asyik nak baring sebelah baby aje!! The three of them, sepesen je stok muka lebar!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I like something extra-ordinary!!

I would say that i'm a kind who does not like common things. Maksudnya, benda-benda yang orang suka, yang orang ramai pakai, orang-orang banyak guna, benda yang sangat-sangat banyak dan sangat senang dilihat di mana-mana. I would say, it is BORING!! PLAIN BORING!!

Hubby told me that his friend Mus, now owns a Toyota Wish. Yes, i am impressed but honestly Toyota Wish is no longer my dream car. If you are on the road, in a minute u can count how many Wish passed by. Bersepah-sepah!! Not exclusive anymore. Dah rasa cam viva lak. No offense ya, if u really fancy Toyota Wish!!!

Same goes to Coach. I also used to dream of having one but now i can see ladies out there carrying one. Be it authentic or replica bag, my eyes just can't get away of it and my mind starts thinking, oh, she is carrying a replica bag. Yukksss!!! The other day when i went to Mydin, i saw a woman carrying LV monogram. When she lined up just right in front of me, it was clearly a fake one. I would rather carrying a cheap brand-less bag than a replica bag!!

And now, i start to hate AVENT. It is boring. Everyone has it. The design is the same, colourless, etc!! Don't you think so??? Now, i start to fall in love with tommee tippee. I googled and i found the link. It was very appealing the moment i saw it. I searched every where in my cabinet and i was so happy to see my weaning bowl with lid and it is tommee tippee. This weaning bowl i bought last year when i was in Indonesia and i really need a bowl to feed Firdaus.

What is so special about the lid is, the blue colour will change according to the temperature of your food. You will definitely aware when to feed your child. Additional features for the weaning bowl:
  • 2 x 11floz/325ml bowls
  • BPA free
  • Spill proof lids for less mess & less stress
  • Ergonomic shaped handle for easy grip
  • Stay clean cover for spoon - always keeps clean when on the go
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Suitable for all forms of sterilization
  • Stackable for easy storage
And now the feeding bottles are really attracts me. I just fall in love with it. It comes in many colours.

  • Nipple mimics natural feel, flex and movement of breastfeeding
  • Allows for easy transition between breast and bottle
  • Wide neck nipple for easier latch on
  • Anti-colic, anti-gas, advanced easi-vent™ valve
  • BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Graduations in mls and ounces
  • Hygiene Cap seals the nipple for travel
If you browse through the web, you will see many other items that really catch your eyes. The only thing that i wonder, i never see this product anywhere here in Malaysia. My one and only weaning bowl, i bought it in Indonesia. Or, is it available in Toys R us?? Or is it time to use Vshub???????

Happy 1st birthday Ziqri!!!

We went to Ziqri 1st birthday bash at my sis's place. We were late due to traffic jammed, rain poured down heavily, etc. Being late is something that i hate the most. Before that, dropped by at Manjaku to buy Ziqri his birthday present. We bought him a baby bike. Hehehe!!! So, the birthday boy went to sleep right after we came despite the house were noisy with other kids voices, elders having their chit-chat etc!!! So, my boy as always be the drama king with his behaviour. Buas yaaa amat. Sorry, no photo taken as i was busy eating and chatting with my sis!!! Later, we went to Subang Parade for another money changing, and ended up with another buggy for HCM trip..

On our anniversary!!!

We had a special dinner to celebrate our 6th anniversary. So you know, to have dinner for the two of us was impossible so we brought our two kids along. This restaurant is super duper marvelous. The restaurant, the food, the ambiance, everything!!! Let the pics tells everything!!! Oopss, the dinner took place at istana bambu!! Have a try, you won't regret it!!

We choose to dine in, in a hut made of bamboo. Well, actually everything was made from bamboo. Makan bersila. Very nice. It reminds me of Balibu restaurant, Bandung. Ada juga hall area where u can eat on a chair....

The kids flip through the menu!!! Everything seems very tempting!!

Taking photos, Tihani adalah model pada malam ini!!!

Very cosy!! Ada pillows, bolster for your kids to lepak. No worries about carrying your child on your laps!! let them play around in the hut!! Very personal too...

Another shots from the kids!!

Looking around. The restaurant was packed with people. Make sure u made early reservation or else u have no place to eat!!!! Orang adalah ramai yarabbii!!!

Firdaus yang serabut!!!

They had an appetiser!!

This was my choice. Pulut mangga. Sedap sangat-sangat!!!

The food being served!!

Mixed-veggie tom yam. Sedap, sama taraf ngan tom yam pok tek!!!

Ginger steamed fish!!

Steamed beancurd with soy sauce!!! Yummeh!!

Prawn??? Forgot the name, tapi sedap gila...

Kawasan sekitar, ada fish pond, etc!! Even the bridge also from bamboo...

Hubby and Tihani....

So, do give a try at Istana Bambu. You won't regret. The restaurant is just before Alice Smith School at Ampang.

Monday, May 24, 2010

SIL, Tihani and craving for nice food!!

My SIL has delivered her baby after 2 days of drama at Selayang Hospital (HS). On Friday, air ketuban dah pecah dan banyak yang keluar. Dia and husband, pergi HS dah 3 cm dilated tapi disuruh balik oleh nurse on duty. Later that day, banyak darah pulak yang keluar pergi hospital balik tapi nurse tu cakap suruh balik lagi sebab masih lagi 3 cm. Ok, nurse-nurse yang berlagak mengalahkan doktor nih memang patut kena lempang je!!! Luckily, kebetulan ada doktor pelatih kat wad kecemasan cakap, dia dah sakit apasal suruh balik and force to be warded. She was left alone in the ward, in pain without any nurse monitor her condition. Dahlah orang nih kesakitan dibiarkan saja. Tak kasi epidural or indiuce terus. Masa the nurse round check, dah 8 cm baru masuk labor room but the baby sudah nak lemas...

Terus ditolak masuk bilik bedah dibedah. So right now, after two days the baby still in NICU for oxygen. Memang worst lah Hospital Selayang ni... Terrible gila!!!! Kalau setakat doktor-doktor pelatih tu, diorang tak respect pun. Hmmm, lagilah menambahkan kengerian aku nak beranak kat hospital kerajaan eventhough i never experienced it walaupun Tihani and Aus were born in Gov. Hospital.

Ok, cerita pasal Tihani, she got number 1 in her mid year exam. All papers (BM, Mate, Bahasa Jawi, Bahasa Arab, Sains, Hafazan Surah & Doa) dapat 100 only English dapat 94. As a reward, dia dapat hadiah basikal as promised by her dad. Nak basikal budak besar pulak tu. I am quite surprised walaupun dia punya progress nampak ketara before and after schooling. one thing i am really impressed about her is, she has a very good memory. She memorizing things very fast. Hopefully her good achievement last long!!! Lain pulak dengan si budak gemuk bernama Aus, asyik nak makan je. Nak makan pish, pish, pish... Kalau bilang asyiklah too, porrr, cik....... Hahaha.......

Hmmm, lately, i'm craving for nasi dagang! Mana nak dapat yang sedap, huh???

Friday, May 21, 2010

I need more money now!!!!

Hmmm, semalam pi klinik nak buat buku pink. punyalah ramai manusia macam ulat. Haiyaa..... Service dah lah lembap. Nih yang makin menambahkan semangat nak beranak kat swasta nih. Ended up, the nurse ask to come again next week. Haiyarkkk!!! Bambi <--- tiru Adam!! So, without wasting anytime, but wasting my money, huhuh!!! zasss pergi kedai tayar tukar tayar 2 biji. Huhuhu!!! (Seumur idup aku kuar duit banyak beli tayar kereta weihh!!! Selalunya, ehsan tokey kedai tayar kat kg Apal nun! Pura-pura beli tayar pastu buat-buat lupa nak bayorrr!!! ) Huhuhu!! Melayang 350 nak buat shopping. Harus didahulukan sebab tayar kereta sudah nazak. Belum kira nak pi servis lagi. Fad pun dah tanya apasal lama tak servis kereta... Tunggu kumpul duit semula!! Keji sungguh!!!

Belum kira nafsu kami laki bini nak bershopping di HCM. Me duk intai-intai Hoodie kat HRC Vn. Duk berkenaan Hoodie member beli kat HRC Tokyo sungguh cun. Tu dah berapa puluh dollar. Kat HRC KL takde. Belum lagi tengok member beli all kind of Kipling Bags kat Vn. From baby bag, lappy bag, back pack, etc... Huih, meriah!!!! The other thing, i want readymade jubah, cotton, etc... Hahaha.... Fad cakap macam tak cukup je duit kita nak shopping kat sana.

Lacquerware, pic from Orang Rawa

Lagi satu, i sooooo want lacquerware untuk perhiasan rumah. Tengok lam Anjung seri and impiana, rumah orang-orang kaya banyak diorang display lacquerware bought kat Vn. Cantik-cantik sungguh.

pic from Orang Rawa

And embroidery bags as well.... Itupun ada hati lagi dia sebut nak mengulang HCM style backpackers on Jan...


Hmmm, we couldn't get 0 fare for the Guanzhou tix. The AA page kept jumping and hanged the minute to enter the details. So not our luck i guess. The fare kept changing until it costs us a bomb!!! Forget about it! We're looking forward for MAS travel fair. Bila, huh???

Murid ditangkap mencuri...

Two year 5 boys were caught stealing teacher's money total up more than 3k. Budak zaman sekarang adalah tidak sama dengan zaman dulu ye!! Bayangkan, hari-hari mereka berdua ini masuk bilik guru dan merembat duit. Itupun cikgu masih baik hati lagi tak mau report polis. Me pun kena. RM20. Nasib baik sikit!! Yang paling banyak adalah 1k and this boy shared among their classmates. The funny thing, bila bagitau parents dia, boleh pulak parents dia buat bodoh je. Mak dia siap boleh cakap, yang dia tak amik tahu hal anak dia dan tak peduli anak dia buat apa pun!!!! Kesian, baru darjah 5 tapi parents tak peduli pun.....

So, salahkah kalau guru tulis dalam sijil berhenti sekolah tentang kelakuannya yang buruk??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!!

Finally i kicked my ass off to the clinic. Now klinik gomen punya syarat before kita buat monthly check-up, mesti ada gambar scan yang show that we're pregnant. Hmmmm... rasa macam nak gi beranak private pulak. Idaklah nak ke Prince Court. Verangaannnnn je volehh!!!

So, the baby is doing fine in my womb and very active. Terbalik kuang segala bagai and a bit hard for the doc to see sebab duk selindung belakang uri. I'm 11w3d officially and EDD will be 3/12. So, i guess by 3rd weeks of Nov mesti aku dah beranak. Bagusnya. By that time, my 3rd semester punya master dah over and i'm on semester break. Yahooo!!! God knows best!!! Alhamdulillah tapi tak insaf-insaf gak. Huhuhu!!!

Yesterday was a teacher's day. Biasa je. Bukan cam hari p0lis naik gaji tapi jadi balaci keje hari cuti buat gotong royong!!! Sekolah celebrate hari ni kecik-kecik je. Jamuan pun takde. Sekadar nyanyi lagu guru Malaysia. oklah! Ada anak murid bagi hadiah bakul berukir from jati and it comes from Pakistan. No, bapaknya bukan Pakistan jual karpet tapi staf Petronas dipinjamkan ke Pakistan selama enam bulan.

Ohhh, nak cerita semalam pergi Giant Kota Dam nak beli kek untuk Tihani sambut hari Guru kat tadika dia. See, budak tadika sambut hari guru lagi hebat daripada cikgu sekolah rendah sambut hari guru. Sebelum pergi, Aus telah terpegang seterika panas menyebabkan dia sangat behave the whole session. Dari k4 ke Giant and shoot ke Uptown Damansara.. I just love uptown Damansara because ada varities of food, bazaar style. Sebut je nak makan apa, you have it. I ended up stuffed with sizzling lamb steak and yong tau fu plus tihani punya nasi goreng pattaya. Heaven. Ini adalah fav. spot kami laki bini dari zaman bujang tapi semenjak dah beranak dan berangkai dan duk agak jauh ni jaranglah pergi. Last pergi adalah tahun 2005. That was 5 years ago!!! Balik kepenatan dan kekenyangan dan ketiduran dalam hujan lebat. Hehehe......

Citer lain plak. Congrats China for winning the Thomas Cup! I sokong yang hebat and no doubt China deserves it and of course Lin Dan is the all time player. Terhebat tiada tandingan!!! Sesiapa baca statement Lin Dan masa pc mesti berangin je..... Hahaha....

Esok AA free seating. Mari kita cepat-cepat rembat!! Mana tau dapat free seat ke London....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cepatlah cuti!!!!

Hujung minggu yang mellow. Rasanya makan sebulan tak keluar dari BCH ni. Si Tihani pulak duk mengongoi nak ajak jalan. Ok tipu dah sebulan tak keluar. Lupa yang hari buruh ada pergi KLCC. Nak pergi klinik nak scan pun tak pergi lagi. I just don't know how many weeks already! Lupa segala-galanya even tarikh last period so can't estimate bila nak bersalin. Ye, sila lempang diri sendiri laju-laju. Nak beranak kali ketiga adalah sudah hilang keterujaannya berbanding beranak kali pertama!!!

Nak tak nak hari ni terpaksa mengerah keringat basuh baju lipat kain yang setinggi Himalaya dah tu..... Dah berapa kali merintih dah nakkan bibik. Tak pun yang datang weekends tolong kemas rumah!.. Seriuosly, me dah tak larat! Tapi kebanyakan diorang ni kena berhantar berjemput. Itu yang masalahnya. Susah!!!!

Err, ada berapa minggu lagi before School holiday? i feel like sponsoring my mom and dad return ticket to kl. that day, bapak beria2 nak datang kl tumpang zeli bawak mak. Tapi mak tak nak katanya cung gi cung mari. Penat!!! Iyelah naik kete to and fro. Lepas tu, stay a couple of hours nak headed back. Last2 diorang cancel. So, kalau aku persuade diorang stay for two days jumaat and saturday agak-agak diorang nak tak. Dahle BE form aku tak settled kan lagi. Rasa macam tight sangat nak balik school holiday nanti. Lagipun nak isi income tax kena online since i did online last year. Kt kg mana nak buat??? Cuti nanti we all akan ke Kuantan/Cherating/Gambang Waterpark/Saigon. Huh, amik ko!!!! Straight. Lagi mau tambah cuti balik Trg. Ada yang kena berenti kerja terus kang!!! Me takpelah cuti sekolah....

Monday, May 10, 2010

On Mother's Day....

we just stayed at home last weekend. Saturday kena attend school for Kem Bestari Solat and i brought the two kiddos along. The result, i get exhausted until today sampai migraine dah masuk hari ketiga. The best part was, Aus melasak tahap gaban sampai hilang botol susu. Huaaa, kena beli botol susu lain. Dahlah that's 8 oz milk bottle untuk nursery. Entah mana dicampakkannya.

Semalam ingat nak pergi tukar tayar tapi bila Fad dah lambat sangat balik malas nak keluar. Tihani mengecek nak makan Kenny Rogers. Alasannya sangat baik. She told her dad this whole week she has exam and kena makan makanan berkhasiat and the best choice is KR. Bagus alasan anak aku!! But then, after googled, the nearest KR adalah dekat Jusco Metro Prima/The Curve. Jauh gak tu. Ended up stay at home makan nasi lauk sambal udang. Hehe, jimat duit for next month trip.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tihani dulu!!!

Ahaha.. i was looking at the old photos until i found Tihani's picture...
Kelakarlah. She was fat... Laaa nih kurus je, semua pun tak nak makan!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The diamonds.........................

someone really wanna see my so called diamonds that i bought in Bandung. it was huge though and very sparkling. The other one even bigger and i promised to give my sis as a gift tapi dia belum datang collect. Kak Ema, ada lagi banyak jenis. You just name it. They have it. Even the gold smith said, it is more quality than the one yang kedai emas kat mesia nih jual... Kat Mesia diorang guna Zirconia. Low quality!!!

Nak kirim zamrud and nilam boleh???

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

6 years and counting!!!!

Melaka trip!

PD trip...

Jakarta/Bandung trip!!!

Penang trip....

Sarawak trip....

Masih lagi duk reorganize my file. Transfering from old lappy to new lappy. My acer dah totally crashed. Nak on pun dah tak boleh. Ada thousands of photos all over the place. You know that 90% is Tihani's. Oh, throughout Malaysia, we've never been to Sabah!!! And we went to Penang for several times already... Ye, we love Penang!!! So, ada two trips next month both local and abroad. And just now, Fad mentioned another over the sea trip next year. Berlima?? My oh my?? Nampaknya i need to get 'tali anjing' for the kids. Baik pakaikan 'tali anjing' daripada anak hilang di negara orang!!!!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hari Pekerja di KLCC!

playing games while waiting for me cari swimwear.....

Sebab Sabtu public holiday, we went to KLCC. Nak amik hati both kids, ajak diorang mandi kat KLCC Park. Before that, pergi Isetan nak beli swimwear untuk Aus. Hohoho.. i thought of looking for the cheaper one. Semua pun mahal. Nak tak nak terpaksa beli jugak....

Seronoknya dapat main air....... Hahaha, baju mandi dia 4 tahun tapi fit!!!

Sis and bro together......

Hari sudah gelap, hujan mau turun!!!

Terperangkap bawah jambatan sebab hujan lebat gila....
dengan Aus yang tak reti duk diam.....

Me and my daughter.....
Muka aku adalah kusam cam orang tua...

Not long after, we went back because Fad nak pergi Konsert Double Trouble... Hai, perangai ngalahkan orang muda nak berkonsert bagai. Makin dah meningkat usia ni, makin banyak lak aktiviti-aktiviti sampingan dia nih........